This is Milano

Bespoke events in an unseen Milan

‘This is Milano’ creates and manages customised events for companies and institutions.
In the city’s most exclusive and secret locations, often unknown to the Milanese themselves.
Places that symbolise its history and its future.
An event is created to be remembered.
Whatever your event, you will have the keys to a Milan reserved for a select few.

Viva Verdi: “let’s drink from the joyous chalices”

An event immersed in the music that has made Milan’s Teatro alla Scala great.

A treasure in Milan: Skyline from Milan’s “Isola” District

Twentieth and twenty-first century merge thanks to the rice, "icon of the city".

Alessandro Manzoni: Mr. Milano

‘I Promessi Sposi’ seen through the contemporary creativity of a well-known stage director.

The early 20th century: Milan, City of the Avant-Garde

Not just a spectacle but a step back ininto the most revolutionary movement of the 20th century.

Fashion and Design: Milan, City of Fashion

Fashion creations, garments to try on, ‘live’, buy.

Arts and Crafts: Milan on the Street

The merry conviviality of a village festival is re-enacted in the ‘corte’ (courtyard)

The Renaissance: At Dinner with Leonardo

Living history: a stage director will give you the thrill and emotion of a real-life meeting with Leonardo.


What we do

The events planned by ‘This is Milano’ are dedicated to companies and institutions and are organised down to the last detail to ensure the desired result...

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Who we are

On paper ideas always look good. But it is only when something actually makes them happen that they become real. For us that something was a meeting, a meeting we sought and worked to bring about, one of those meetings that happen when...

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