– A treasure in Milan: Skyline from Isola –

“El riss el nass in l’acqua e el moeur in del vin”

Rice is born in water and dies in wine
milanese culinary secret


Wrapped in light inside a piece of Milan's history, in the neighborhood called Isola, in the spaces of a grandiose late 19th century building surrounded by the Library of Trees - the only example in Italy of a contemporary garden. Immediately beyond there is the future, made of skyscrapers, architectural achievements, vertical woods awarded by juries around the world.

Rice, a simple, noble and complete product, will be the protagonist of the evening with an anthology of film screenings, with interventions by experts, with gastronomic tastings, with culture, fantasy and fun.

Rice. To fall in love with all its forms, to love in all its inventions. From the risotto of the Lombard tradition, to sautéed rice, to popular soups, up to the most elaborate dishes created by the inspiration of one of the great chefs of Milan - Ambassador of Rice ExpoMilano2015.

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